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Guidelines for applicants for the Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science, Kyoto University

Spring 2014
March 1st, 2014. updated: The deadline has passed. We appreciate all applications.
March 19th, 2014 updated: List of students to be enrolled in PWS from April 2014
The Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science (PWS) is an educational program of up to 5 years (L1-L5). Students join PWS at year L1 and progress through successive years, subject to passing an annual review. The PWS Program is completed by students in parallel to their existing Kyoto University master’s and doctoral programs. Students need not change supervisor or section/laboratory on joining PWS.
We encourage excellent students to apply now for entry to the Primatology and Wildlife Science program (PWS), to start on April 1st, 2014. There are TWO NECESSARY conditions for eligibility:

1. Applicants MUST be Graduate students of Kyoto University
2. Applicants MUST have received approval for registration to the PWS program

Please refer to the following sections for further detail regarding eligibility.

1. Applicants must be graduate students at Kyoto University (as of April 1st, 2014)
To be eligible you must be a student of either:
  • Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science
  • Division of Behavioral Studies, Graduate School of Letters *
  • Division of Educational Studies, Graduate Schools of Education *
  • Division of African Area Studies, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies *
 * Further explanations will be provided later.

2. Applicants must be approved for registration to the PWS program
The PWS program is designed for students in years M1 or D1 (as of April 2014). Intake is restricted to L1 and L3 years only. Students joining the PWS Program from their 1st year (M1) become L1 students, with the potential to benefit from the full 5 year educational program, subject to annual review. Students joining the PWS Program for the start of their 3 rd year (D1) become L3 students, with the potential for three years within PWS, subject to annual review. M2, D2, and D3 cannot join the program in the first instance for L2, L4, and L5.

NOTE: If you are an M2 student as of April 1st, 2014, you are currently NOT eligible for this program. Following successful completion of M2, you will qualify to apply for a transfer eligibility review for consideration for entry to PWS at L3. The next again transfer eligibility review is scheduled for March, 2015. As outlined above, at the end of each academic year of study within the PWS Program, students are required to pass a review in order to remain in the PWS Program in the following academic year. Students required to repeat a year of their master’s or doctoral course will not be allowed to continue in the PWS Program.

Transfer eligibility review
Student seeking to enter the PWS Program at L3 must undergo a transfer eligibility review to be assessed for eligibility by the Kyoto University Leading Graduate Program Committee (the governing body directing the PWS Program). For the transfer eligibility review, you will be required to submit ALL of the following three documents:

(1) The Leading Graduate Program Transfer Request Form (Word file)
(2) Master’s thesis, or something comparable related to your previous work
(3) Certificate(s) as evidence of your linguistic skills

Please download (1) from the PWS website (a completed ‘example’ form is also provided).

Assessment for Admission to the PWS Program
PWS Kick-off Symposium

  • Date: Thursday March 6 th - Sunday March 9 th, 2014
  • Venue: International Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS)

Decisions regarding admission to the Program will be made, on an individual basis, during the symposium. All applicants to the PWS Program must attend all conference sessions AND give a poster presentation in English. Pre-registration is required. Accommodation and meals will be provided free of charge. Please email with “Application for The Leading Graduate Program” as the subject line. The information required for your registration is:
(1) Full name
(2) Email address and telephone number
(3) Title of your poster presentation
(4) Division of Graduate School you will join from April 1st, 2014
(5) Name(s) of prospective supervisor(s) in your section/laboratory
(6) Name(s) of the Leading Graduate Program collaborator(s) you would like to be supervised by should you be accepted as a PWS student
(7) Your motivation for applying to the PWS program
FORM DOWNLOAD: Application for The Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science, Kyoto University .xls

NOTE: Please contact your prospective supervisors (required for [5] and [6] ) IN ADVANCE. You will need their spoken approval, and letter(s) of consent signed by your prospective superviser(s) (no fixed format).

The deadline for pre-registration is Friday February 28th, 2014. On successful pre-registration you will receive an email reply with your registration number. If you do not receive a reply within a couple of days, please inform us by email as soon as possible

During the PWS Kick-off Symposium, applicants are required to complete two tasks:
(1) Poster presentation (in English)
  • Please prepare a poster outlining your: previous research work, research plan for the PWS Program and your overall goal if you were to be accepted as a PWS student.
  • Size: A0 (height by width: 1189mm x 841mm) or smaller
  • When presenting your poster, speak in English
  • Submit your poster abstract (200 words + 4 keywords) to BOTH and by Friday February 28th, 2014.
(2) Interview (Japanese and/or English)
  • You are required to be interviewed during the Symposium.
  • You will be provided with more detailed information closer to the Symposium.

You will be notified by email as to whether or not your application has been successful, around March 19 th, 2014. Successful applicants will be automatically enrolled onto the Leading Graduate Program.

Please send any enquiries by email to
We will respond ONLY to enquiries received by email.